We do Kitchens too!

If it’s a kitchen you need, we can take care of all your requests including cabinetry, countertops, appliance installs, baseboard and crown molding, backsplash and any electrical or plumbing that needs to be done. Whether you need a few things to finish your fabulous kitchen or an entire gutting and remodel, we’ve got you covered. The kitchen is where most time is spent, whether you’re cooking or entertaining it becomes the focal point of the home. We strive to exceed your expectations in craftsmanship and service.

Guest House Kitchen

Design & Drafting Services

Some projects may benefit from, or require a design plan. After our in-home consultation, we’ll determine how to best utilize the project parameters based on your budget.  Then we’ll discuss all materials, structural aspects, and finishing. We’ll take your input and give you options to choose from. Once the project design is finished, we’ll put a contract together listing the scope of work and a timeline. The cost for the design fee is based on a percentage of the total project budget.