When you see a pergola, it’s almost an invitation to hang out in that area.

Building a custom pergola can be a great way to enjoy outdoor dining, conversation, and a supreme way to take in the skies while hanging with friends and family. The ceiling is infinite space and that’s something you can’t say about a closed roof cover.

          “… a way to create a more intimate environment …”

Jacuzzi Cover Pergola and Pavers

Why do you want to build a Custom Pergola?

If shade is your objective, you may be better off with a patio cover.
A pergola will filter the sun throughout the day but never block it
completely. However, the more wood and smaller gaps in the roof, the
more cooling you will notice. While it’s true that a pergola will
provide some shade to an area, it really stands out as a way to create a
more intimate environment to your yard.

Redwood deck and pergola system

How big does it need to be?

If you plan on dining under the pergola, make sure it is big enough to accommodate a large table to entertain guests. If you are planning on a future outdoor bbq area or jacuzzi, make sure you build the pergola big enough for future additions. Sometimes that’s not an option with pre-fabricated pergolas.


Vinyl pergola attached to house

What materials do you want to use?

Do you want to paint it? stain it? or leave it looking natural.

Of course wood is always a great option, and it’s best to match the existing style of your home when possible. If your wood trim/fascia board is a rough-sawn type of wood, it might make sense to go with a rough-sawn cedar pergola. If there are distinct corbel styles or cut ends, it’s best to match those to keep a cohesive theme throughout the house. The more you can tie the landscape together the better it is on the eye. Every detail matters, including the hardware you choose and the finish you put on. Each situation calls for it’s own solution.