Why should I hire a General Contractor?

Do I need a General Contractor (GC)?

Whether you are experienced with home projects or not, it can be of great benefit to hire a General Contractor to help see your project through. There are many reasons to hire a General Contractor, but here are a few:

1. It’s easier to let your GC contact his network of tradesman rather than try and find qualified individuals yourself.

Sometimes even small projects can involve 3 to 4 different trades.

2. Your GC can save you money.

They know the products, the fixes, the shortcuts, the money-savers, what looks good/what doesn’t etc…

3. They become the personal liaison to your project.

Don’t understand the difference between eggshell and enamel? Wondering about putting a door or window in? Pushing walls back and creating more living space? Repair or Remodel?

The General Contractor is your go-to for questions like these and many more. They’ll help you through the process by holding your hand through each step and by listening to your wants, needs, and desires for the project at hand. In the construction business, aka “the business of solving lots of little problems” experience can be invaluable. Things can go wrong in a hurry, but a good GC will keep your project moving forward and always headed towards completion and deadline.


A good working relationship with your General Contractor can save you lots of time, money, and headache.

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