When Do I Need A New Roof?

Do I Need A New Roof or Do I Need A Roof Repair?

Re applying tarp for roofYour Roof Is The First Line Of Defense From The Elements

You want to make sure that your roof is sealed tight and there is no water getting in. This is without a doubt. But some contractors will tell you that you need a new roof, when in fact, you just need a repair. So what determines this decision?

First, find out where your leak(s) is coming from. If you have many leaks, chances are it’s time for a new roof. But if you have leaks in just a few places, you might be able to repair them to last 10-20 more years (depending on the situation) and save lots of money.

You might just need a few new shingles. Maybe some new tarpaper, or even some wood replaced but any way you look at it, it’ll be a lot less work than an entire new roof. Most shingles are easily available which makes for a reliable repair.

Bottom line: Ask your contractor about repair options, it can save you a lot of money.

*Homeowner tip – You can put a 2nd layer of asphalt shingles on top of the original shingles to save the cost of removing that layer


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