Custom Outdoor Furniture? What about IKEA?

Why Build Custom Outdoor Furniture? Can’t I Just Order Online?

It will last longer. It will be unique to YOUR home and YOUR needs.

If you want to add more value to your home and enjoy a unique outdoor setting, custom outdoor furniture is a great way to do that.

Custom Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can extend the character of your home.

Instead of opting for an IKEA patio furniture set that will last a few winters and fall apart, build something that will withstand the test of time and be enjoyed for years to come. A lot of IKEA-style furniture is made very cheaply and doesn’t withstand weathering well.

By building with stronger building materials (wood, concrete, metal) you can be sure you’ll have something that won’t be easily destroyed, by weather, or even a clumsy friend or family member.

It will be original

You could spend all day online and at IKEA stores to find the “perfect” patio furniture set, but NOTHING will fit your home like a custom designed furniture set in the style you choose. Or make your neighbors more jealous of your outdoor seating.

Decide on which style, and what needs you have for your outdoor furniture. The options are limitless, but keep in mind that if you were to sell your house, would the new homeowners appreciate your custom addition?

Choose a style that fits your house, and has multiple uses, and you’ll add economic value to you home.

And that’s more than I can say for the IKEA-style patio furniture.

Custom Patio Furniture


You can apply a beautiful stain or choose from other options. …Add Years To Your Wood Fence (similar applies)

Custom outdoor furniture

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