From A To Z


1. In-home Consultation

First, we’ll walk through your project and discuss what needs/wants you have. We’ll offer up design suggestions, take photos and measurements. This is where we’ll prepare a list of things to be completed for your home remodel.

2. Design and Estimate

After we’ve been to your house we’ll put together an estimate based on our conversation. This is where we breakdown costs associated with the project, and how long it’s going to take. To complete some larger projects, we use industry-standard design software which enables clients to try different options for their home without having to build it out.

3. Plans and Permits

Once the contract is signed, if needed, plans and permits will be submitted to the city. Once all paperwork and designs are submitted it can take from a week to several months, depending on project scope.

4. The Start

After the submitted plans have been approved and materials have been delivered, we’re ready to break ground! One of our experienced project managers will be on-site to explain the process moving forward with your home remodel.

5. The Middle

Once started, we’ll continue to work on your project with care and confidence to achieve high standards and reach our deadline on time. Quality service is a priority. We know that remodeling can sometimes become frustrating, that’s why we strive to make it an ENJOYABLE experience for you, as it should be. :)

6 . The Finish Line

We’ve made it! There’s nothing more satisfying than a job well done and a happy client.

Whether you’re looking to build a custom home, flip a home, or just tackle some projects around the house, Nucave Construction will take you there. Let’s turn your house into a home, or your cave into a Nucave. Contact Now!